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Loki Star Sophia Di Martino Loves the Postman Fan Theory from Episode 3!


Loki has presented itself as one of the most unique shows on television, from the setting to the core romance of the show, it is truly unique. Disney Plus knows they have a great product in their hands all credits to the writing and casting of the show. Sophia Di Martino, one of the leads, as Sylvie has been a revelation and the actress recently stated her episode 3 tidbit about a long-distance romance with a Postman has the best fan theories that she enjoys.

The new Disney Plus show follows the former villain of the first Avengers movie as he tries to wiggle free of captivity on Earth and lands in captivity someplace else. As Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston leaves 2012 Earth, he is caught in Mongolia by the TVA, people in charge of protecting the sacred timeline. But there is something nefarious at play inside the TVA and the god of mischief finds this itch, a little harder to scratch.

In the subsequent episodes of Loki we meet Sylvie, a female version of the god of mischief. Sophia Di Martino played the character and, since her introduction, has been blowing up on fan sites. Millions of fans were trying to figure out where she came from and they have their own theories. But when Sophia was asked about her favorite fan theory, she returned to a dialogue where she claimed a long-distance relationship with a Postman, the theories surrounding that is her favorite.

Sophia Di Martino Enjoys Fan Theory Regarding Her Mysterious Long-Distance Postman Relationship Theory

Sophia Di Martino made her first appearance in the second episode of Disney Plus series Loki. As the original Loki got recruited by TVA to hunt down another Variant Loki, their path crossed for the first time in Texas. Sylvie was preparing to bomb the sacred timeline so that she could sneak into the TVA headquarters, while Loki just wanted to figure out what was going on.

After meeting for the first time, Tom Hiddleston’s character is intrigued by Sylvie so he follows her into an apocalypse. After fighting the entire episode there appears to be a connection between them, a romantic connection, that throws the sacred timeline into a loop. During their time on the nearly blown to bits planet, Sylvie shares about her life, at least the little she remembered after all these years fighting the TVA.

As their conversation heads into romance and loving someone other than themselves, Sylvie reveals something interesting. Sylvie exclaims that she “has managed to maintain quite a serious long-distance relationship” with a Postman. Who the postman is any body’s guess? But Sophia Di Martino explained her best time on the internet is reading the wild fan theories regarding the Postman’s identity.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the Sylvie actress said, “In Episode 3, Sylvie says something about a postman that she’s been having a long-distance relationship with, like she’s being sarcastic basically, but there’s been a whole theory about who this Postman might be and where he is, and if he’s going to make an appearance. That’s the theory that I’m really enjoying.”

Out of all the theories involving Sylvie, Sophia Di Martino is really liking the Postman stuff. Maybe she is giving everyone a hint to dig a little deeper and maybe her long-distance love will probably make an appearance in the show. Just like fans are clamoring, asking the MCU to give Morbius a Jet ski, maybe a slight Postman placement will do no one any harm.

As for the MCU itself, there is one person who fits the bill for a long-distance romance with the goddess of mischief. Willie Lumpkin is a mail delivery man in the Marvel comics, specifically the Fantastic Four series. While a side character at best, Willie has been involved in some big storylines in the past, as well as appearing in a Fantastic Four movie.

MCU using a Postman to link Loki on Disney Plus with Fantastic Four would be hilarious. Well, we are diving into theory territory, maybe this will also be something Sophia Di Martino can look at and laugh about.

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Last modified: July 7, 2021