Netflix’s Controversial Movie 2020 – Is Puppy Murders Real?

Sep 16, 2020 @ 15:09 GMT+0000
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Netflix's Controversial Movie 2020 - Is Puppy Murders Real

A Netflix movie called ‘Puppy Murder’ is making the rounds on social media lately. But could it be real?

The Internet is a weird place. Somebody puts out something, and no matter how ridiculous it sounds, the majority of people become inclined to believe it.

This is what happened recently when one publication made a tweet claiming Netflix is set to launch a documentary film titled ‘Puppy Murder’.

Viewers soon flooded the internet with curiosity on where the extremely controversial movie was real. They even misspelled the name as the search query soon focussed on ‘Puppy Murders” or “Puppy Murderer” on Netflix.

Netflix’s Controversial Movie Puppy Murder (2020) – Is It Real?

Netflix isn’t short of controversies this year after the highly problematic movie Cuties. The release of the 2020 French film caused a huge backlash on social media. The heavy sexualization of underage girls, no matter what message the movie intended to share, was not received with fondness by the public.

In fact, Deadline reported the director of the French movie – Maïmouna Doucouré – was at the receiving end of disgusting death threats.

Now, the attention has switched to the bizarre movie called Puppy Murder.

Before we proceed, let’s make something clear straight away. No, Puppy Murder is anything but real. News of the fictitious film originated from a satire site named The Babylon Bee.

In essence, the sarcastic article can be read as taking a piss towards the actual controversial Netflix movie in 2020, Cuties.

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This rather odd article from The Babylon Bee literally conjures up a fake documentary picture, which they claim, “is just two hours of puppies being brutally murdered onscreen, sending a powerful message to the viewer about just how bad puppy murder is.”

The article makes it clear it’s a joke with the statement:

From getting shot and stabbed to being run over with a steamroller and the inspiring climactic scene where a puppy is dropped into a volcano, the movie unequivocally and powerfully shows the brutal reality of puppy murder.

To their credit, they make it seem as formal as they could by including a quote from the film’s director, Le’Charpentier:

I thought about just making a documentary where I didn’t actually murder puppies to make the point, but it just wasn’t powerful enough.

Well, no matter how obvious it seems, social media hasn’t stopped buzzing through this clearly fictitious story.

Twitter Reacts to Netflix Documentary ‘Puppy Murderer’ or is It ‘Puppy Murders’? Never Mind!

As you’d expect, you can witness numerous opinions of Twitter users on the platform talking about the controversial film. Remarkably, some even believe the project is real. Well, think of them as Diego or Luther from The Umbrella Academy, minus the superpowers, of course!


Luckily for the gullible ones, some people stepped in to clarify the confusion.



Well, kudos to the satire publication for creating awareness of what Netflix could be doing wrong in a rather bizarre manner. But guess what, irrespective of its hilariously odd nature, they achieved what they intended to. Point made in an empathic manner!

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