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Jurassic Park Actor Does Not Understand Thor or the Marvel Universe!

Sam Neill has been part of some of the biggest box office hits of the past three decades. From setting......

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Russell Crowe Discusses His New Character on ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Russell Crowe talks about his new character Zeus in the upcoming MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder. Russell Crowe has......

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Chris Hemsworth Chews Over Pressures of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and Praises Chris Pratt

Chris Hemsworth talks about the pressures facing ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ and praises co-star Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord...

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Marvel Star Chris Hemsworth Explains Fitness Routine for Thor

Chris Hemsworth opens up about he manages to keep fit to play Thor. Thor: Love and Thunder star Chris Hemsworth......

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Is Karen Gillan’s Nebula Joining Thor: Love and Thunder?

Will we be seeing Karen Gillan’s character Nebula in Thor: Love and Thunder? Karen Gillan‘s Nebula plays a role in......

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Thor: Love and Thunder is Bringing Back Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif

Thor 4 is bringing back another classic MCU character. Thor: Love and Thunder is set to bring back another familiar......

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Thor: Love and Thunder Will Reportedly Feel Like Avengers 5

Thor: Love and Thunder will have an Avengers: 5 feel as per the latest reports. Thor: Love and Thunder, set......

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