Virgin River season 3 Theory: Jack Might Not Be the Father of Charmaine’s Babies – Here’s Why!

Dec 29, 2020 @ 15:32 GMT+0000
Virgin River season 3 Theory: Jack Might Not Be the Father of Charmaine's Babies and Here's Why!

There’s a good possibility Brady could be the real father of Charmaine’s babies. Learn the reason here!

Virgin River season 3 will be premiering on Netflix sometime next year and Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) is set to welcome her twins.

She was convinced the kids belonged to her ex-boyfriend, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), but fans suspect she may have been trying to deceive him.

One theory is the babies belong to Jack’s pal Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) following a one-night stand.

Could Brady be the Father of Charmaine’s Twins?

Virgin River season 2 was quite fascinating, with Charmaine‘s pregnancy being among the key themes. Soon after Jack had admitted his feelings for the new nurse, Mel Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge), Charmaine penned a letter letting him know about her pregnancy.

Jack was stunned, but he promised to help Charmaine and the kids, as he supported her throughout the season.

Mel revealed she was carrying twins and suggested there could be some concerns when it’s time to deliver. Regardless, Charmaine was thrilled to share such a special moment with Jack, and she was happy to have him involved.

But as Jack’s emotions for Mel grew deeper, Charmaine then decided to ditch Virgin River and run away with the twins.

Many fans claimed the baby doesn’t belong to Jack, and Charmaine used it as an excuse to get him to stick with her. Some have taken to Reddit to debate the scenario, and many suspect the kids belong to Jack’s distressed buddy, Brady.

Fans believe Brady is the father of Charmaine's babies in Virgin River.

Fans believe Brady is the father of Charmaine’s babies in Virgin River.
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A user named BrightBlueKicks makes a compelling argument.

I don’t think the babies are Jack’s. Almost everything time there is a scene with Charmaine discussing her pregnancy, the immediate following scene is of Brady.

Now, it’s been a long time since I took a film class, but I remember learning that this is often a thing show creators will do to subtly allude to something the viewers haven’t seen yet on screen/don’t know yet.

Plus, this seems like the most logical way out of this situation in order for Mel and Jack to truly be together.

I know that Charmaine losing the babies also seems possible with the mention of “high-risk pregnancy”, but to me, losing the twins just seems too obvious, redundant, and unnecessary to the storyline.

Charmaine is always envious of Mel for ‘stealing’ Jack away from her, and she may have had a moment of reckless judgment.

The fan added,

And who better to sleep with than Brady? Especially since he is also mad/resentful towards Jack …he would certainly go along with it.

And he’s always seemed to want what Jack has, so all the more reason to sleep with Charmaine.

Brady and Charmaine were present at the same venue, and you couldn’t rule out the possibility they slept together. Brady was drinking a lot at the party, and Charmaine was left distraught after Jack broke up with her.

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Charmaine might be attempting to convince herself that the babies are Jack’s, but she may also be mindful of the possibility the twins are Brady’s.

Another fan said,

I agree with your theory! I had a weird feeling throughout the season that the babies aren’t Jack’s. I also thought possibly Brady, but couldn’t really put a finger on it.

Brady’s redemption arc started at the end of the second season when he spared Spencer‘s (Chad Rook) life instead of killing him.

Some fans hope the twins do belong to Brady, as it will grant him a further chance at redemption.

Yooperthreds said:

They showed a little glimpse of humanity and redemption with him when he saved Spencer’s life. It would be cool to see him turn into a good dad.

The upcoming season could see Charmaine take a paternity test if the topic of who the father actually is comes to attention.

Brady and Charmaine were also promoted as the central figures of season 2, so there’s lots of space for their own story to be revealed in the third season.

Virgin River was recently renewed for season 3 on Netflix.

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