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Mother’s Milk Watching Outlander – The Boys Season 2’s Best Moment!

The Boys season 2 is currently playing on Prime Video. Episode 6 was released today, and I have made my......

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Sophie Fergi’s Friendship with Piper Rockelle May Have Ended, But Marshmellow’s Cheered Her Up!

Sophie Fergi’s fans allege she’s been blocked by Piper Rockelle & the squad, and they are fuming over the virtual......

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Graceland TV Show – Why The Enjoyable Law Enforcement Drama Doesn’t Work Now!

Graceland was a TV show which ran for two and a half years on the USA Network. The three-season run......

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The Unceremonious Downfall of Joss Whedon – From Nerd God to A Laughing Stock

Ask any science fiction fan worth their weight in salt about the best sci-fi show ever made, and the most......

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Sophie Fergi Breaks Her Silence on the Breakup with Jentzen Ramirez As She Unofficially Leaves the Squad

Almost 3 weeks after her last video, Sophie Fergi broke her silence to reveal that her parents didn’t have any......

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Broke Down His Home Door

Don’t underestimate the ‘Bull’ and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson proved it after breaking his steel gates! Yes,...

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Why was Chris Evans Replaced by Sebastian Stan in The Devil All the Time?

The Devil All the Time is ruling charts on Netflix all over the world. Most people praising the wild assembly......

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Netflix Estonia – What to Watch This Weekend #1!

After a rain-soaked and windy week, the weather has finally cleared on Saturday. It is a clear sunny day, perfect......

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The Boys Season 2 – Release Format Made the Show Boring?

The Boys season 1 was one of the best shows of 2019; it was raw, visceral, and wild. In the......

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Sophie Fergi and Jentzen Ramirez Broke Up, Again! ‘Jophie’ Maybe Over for Good This Time

The fanbase is going wild with the announcement from Sophie Fergi and then the video by Jentzen Ramirez, all but......

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‘The Pandemic Girl’ Julie Nolke Projects the Painful Reality of Going Viral on YouTube in Her Latest Video

YouTuber and actress Julie Nolke’s recent video just goes to show how it is for people who go viral overnight,......

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Bella Poarch Clarifies Why She Calls Her Friend with a Nickname Deemed Racist by Many

Bella Poarch has recently explained in a series of TikTok comments why she calls her colored friend by ‘Harambe’, racist......

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People Still Need Apologies from Bella Poarch for the Tattoo, But the Comments Itself Get Backlashes

Here’s everything you need to know about Bella Poarch’s tattoo controversy called racist by many. Jumping real high real...

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Did Sophie Fergi Leave the Swype Squad? Why Is She Not in Piper Rockelle’s Videos These Days?

We haven’t heard, literally, from Sophie Fergi in quite a while. She’s active on Instagram but way less than she......

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The Real Reason Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn Broke Up: She Didn’t Want Any Part in ‘The Goat Fam’

Here’s a doozy of a discussion. Young fans, as Gavin Magnus and Coco Quinn (or popularly coupled as Cavin) are,......

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Why Does Five Never Change His Clothes on The Umbrella Academy?

Learn the reason Number Five wears the same uniform throughout the two seasons of The Umbrella Academy. Not only does......

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Michael Cohen’s Daughter Samantha Cohen Recalls ‘Phony’ Words of Ivanka Trump and Inappropriate Comments by Donald Trump

After the 2016 Presidential Election was over and Donald Trump was elected as the President of the USA, most people......

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Windi is Over – Walker Bryant and Indi Star Breaks Up! Is It Real or Prank?

Windi is Over!!! Indi Star and Walker Bryant breaks up!!! And this time it’s not a prank, its for real!......

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Netflix’s Away – Living in the Shadow of Other Better Space Dramas

Space movies and TV shows are fascinating in the way they build hope and sometimes stoke fears. I grew up......

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Wait! Something’s Missing – Young Wallander Season 1 is an Incomplete Show

Watching the first season of Young Wallander was an all too familiar but also story-wise, a weird experience. From the......

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